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NetUcc was established in 1991 as a model printing company, aiming to become a leader in the printing industry. At the beginning, it only provided print advertisements and paper printing services for companies and organizations. Two years later, it opened up the seasonal gift market in several small African countries and provided various local African greeting cards and packaging through design, printing and product packaging processing. The printed matter of boxes and diaries was forced to terminate in 1999 due to the sharp depreciation of African currencies.


    After retiring to the Singapore market, he began to study the mass-produced electronic printing market. After several years of recovery, after the SARS epidemic in 2003, he invested in the development of ERP online printing. After three years of hard work, the external environment was inconsistent. , I had to switch to internal operations, and converted the business to printing mass quality publications and books, etc. At present, in addition to providing local company numbers and general printed materials for institutions, our company also provides Chinese writing for social organizations such as clubs and temples. Design, printing, micro-advertising video and e-book production, etc., and also provide batch printing for writers at home and abroad.


    Looking at the future of the printing and publishing industry, e-books and mass printing are bound to become the mainstream of the industry. Singapore is located in the heart of Southeast Asia. It is a regional transportation and economic hub. The multi-cultural ethnic structure allows Singapore to converge in the region. The culture of the nation has further become the center of mutual exchanges with Eastern and Western cultures, and has become the cultural and intellectual property publishing center in Southeast Asia. The company will focus on Singapore as the center, and cooperate with my country’s logistics center to carry out mass printing and online sales to Southeast Asian countries, and promote Singapore to become the publishing industry center in Southeast Asia.

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