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何梓维, 1992年生于新加坡, 英国伦敦大学法律兼商业管理学士, 英国考文垂大学国际商业管理硕士. 现从事数码行销工作. 从小耳濡目染, 精通双语, 爱写作. 通过这次参与翻译外祖父 “刘思诗选”, 获益良多.

Ho Ziwei was born in Singapore, 1992. He has degrees of Bachelor of Science with Honours in Management with Law (University of London), and Master of Business Administration in Global Business (Coventry University), and is currently working in the digital marketing sector. From an early age, Ziwei was taught to be bilingual (English and Chinese), and has a love for writing. He has learned numerous meaningful lessons through his participation in the translating of his maternal grandfather’s work, Poems of Liu Si.

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