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温卓廷(Woon Chok Thin)用了十六年的宝贵光阴,心无旁骛地将老子毕生忠荩所具结成书的《道德经》一字不漏地阐释,顺天从人使之古文今用。于是,他将研经铸史的心血编撰成了《紫薇圣人》。前言往行的他,再接再厉,将《紫薇圣人》简略为《紫薇圣人》。
著者精通三种语言。十分热衷于写作的他,继续将《紫薇圣人》首先翻译成英文版的《The Wisdom of Lao Zi》和其简易版的《The Dao of Public Governance》,然后把《The Dao of Public Governance》翻译成马来文版的《Kepemimpinan Yang Benar》。
1. 印刷部的生产力,提升了62%;
2. 组装线的生产力,提升了93%;
3. 生产产能,翻了八倍;
4. 库存周转,从每年两次提升到二十次;
5. 出产量,从60%提升到99.9%;
6. 交付前置时间,从三周削减到两天;
7. 服务质量指标,从56%提升到98.7%;
8. 市场份额,从7%提升到95%;
9. 劳动生产率,提升了38%;
10. 生产前置时间,从七天削减到一天;
11. 准时交付率,常年一致性达100%;
12. 并创造了连续163天零次品的纪录。


Woon Chok Thin (Eric) graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, majoring in Statistics and Operations Research. He has 30 years of experience specializing in the application of management systems such as: Just-In-Time Manufacturing System, Toyota Production System, Total Quality Management and ISO9000 Quality Management System.
Some of his distinguished accomplishments are:
1 increased production output by 8 times (Eastern Steel);
2 increased inventory turnover from 2 to 20 turns a year (Harris Semiconductor);
3 improved yield from 60% to 96% (Archive Corp);
4 reduced order-to-delivery lead time from 3 weeks to 2 days (NatSteel Ltd);
5 increased market share from 7% to more than 90% (NatSteel Ltd);
6 increased machine productivity by 62% (Yuto Shenzhen);
7 increased labor productivity by 38% (Hewlett Packard);
8 achieved 100% on-time delivery measured on a daily basis (Archive Corp);
9 reduced assembly lead time from 7 days to 1 day (Honeywell Avionics);
10 achieved 163 consecutive days of Zero Defects (Archive Corp);
11 doubled production output without adding labor or equipment (Eastern Wire).
Eric attributes his resounding successes to two key unconventional factors.
First, poorly managed companies lead to company-wide low morale among their employees, thus, providing an extremely low base from which he swiftly influenced the spiritless employees into a highly effective workforce.
Second, his charismatic leadership was well accepted by all the employees because he genuinely developed down-to-earth solutions that were truly beneficial to the employees, making their tasks much easier to perform and less prone to human mistakes. In addition to the installation of a quality control system that ensures error-free procedures, he implemented a productivity incentive scheme that rewards employees for their excellent performance. Other than putting into practice several management systems, he was essentially playing a leadership role, although he was not given authority over the employees of the companies that engaged his services.
In summary, he doubled up as a leadership consultant, instead of merely being a management consultant.

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